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2018 Blood Moon Cycle Energy Reading — Spirit de la Lune — Good Witches Homestead

Change is in the air and we are approaching the equinoxes seasons, Autumn or Spring. We are transitioning from the Fire season of Summer to the watery energy of Autumn, and the earthy energy of winter, to the airy season of spring. Fire to Water, Earth to Air… The elements activate different energies within us!... Читать далее →

First New Moon of Autumn 2018

By Phonenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings moon dreamers, thanks for returning for some more moon medicine. We start our second year of the “Moontime” and the First Moon of Autumn starts Sunday, September 9, 2018 and the Autumn Equinox is Saturday, the 22nd of September. Its been a long summer and I hope that you... Читать далее →

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