First New Moon of Autumn 2018

By Phonenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings moon dreamers, thanks for returning for some more moon medicine. We start our second year of the “Moontime” and the First Moon of Autumn starts Sunday, September 9, 2018 and the Autumn Equinox is Saturday, the 22nd of September. Its been a long summer and I hope that you were able to enjoy some nature and friendships that were supportive. We now prepare to enter the “Season of the Night” (Autumn & Winter), which is the second half of the year, the next six Moons of healing work to focus on.

Its the time of transformation, as one season gives way to the next. In the biggest picture, the magnetic energy is slowly and steadily rising on earth and with this comes not only the final melting of the ice age (global warming) but also volcanos and eratic weather. This effects not only our physical life, but also our emotional life, soul life, and our dream life.

Magnetic energy is what sensitives and empaths are made of and in a way, we are all evolving towards that, wanted or unwanted, manageable or not. As personal fears challenge us, resistant to finish loose ends, or conflict that finds no resolve, these deepen  making it more important to accept change. This moon, listen deeply and learning to observe more with acute focus, even with our simple struggles is suggested.


Our saturated cognitive thoughts of our mental body, is overloaded from the demands of the mind cult, and for most people this is habitual and will only create more static as we allow the mind to absorb too much information. So as this season progresses, just practice slowing down and try to meditate a few times a week with some real dedication and get off the computer, web or turn off your phone more, as one of your spiritual disciplines, replacing that with organic emotional relaxation.

In the Polish tradition, the Harvest festival is called Dożynki (Ukrainian, Russia ОбжинкиObzhynky; Belarus Прачыстая, Prachystaya; Czech Republic Dožínky, Obžinky) and we celebrate change as nature changesThe harvest celebrations usually falls on the Autumn Equinox and like most countries, its time to celebrate abundance until the first frost. Autumn for most people is fun, a time to prepare the hearth fires, and a creative time, as we watch nature unfold its beauty.

This moon, we have Neptune opposite the New Moon, and oppositions mean that the energy is all around us. Neptune on its challenging side is the victim or victim consciousness. This is where we give in to struggle and conflict because it wears us out and we dont feel that our coping skills are sharp. The rescue remedy is to think about your options, so take the time to say yes to whats fun and no for healthy boundaries. Remember that you must make a choice and if you don’t,  then you end up more frustrated, angry or depressed.

алиса 2

The Oracle for this Moon cycle is… Your Hidden Powers

The four white haired ones nourished their nature by breathing the pure air of Dusk and Dawn. One can achieve agelessness, as this betokens the pure nature that we can and should nurture. “The four white haired ones” went into seclusion rather than serve any unjust leader, chief, boss or family hierarchy. This represents brilliance by breathing the fresh, pure air as a good sign for carefree living, even within our responsibilities. This nurtures our excellent qualities. Its not the time to make requests of others, rather, maintain your vital energy and vital spirit, like fresh air.

Another quality of Neptune this moon is the mystical and magical, which is just beyond the stillness. Autumn always adds magic as well, so take some time to just sit in nature rather than trying to conqure her (the hike, the competitive, conquring the mountain, finishing the race etc). Just sit still and enjoy the quiet and let nature add some healing to your dayplanner. We have to make time for joy, or heal our way into it, not expect it to just happen.

Neptune also rules our Dreams, which is an abyss of depth. The rule is that dreams are our projections and also give us our own best advice for no one but us. Dreams are also a deep forest filled with deception, tricksters, illusions and shadow which can look like light. Use common sense because a simple rule is dreams are information for yesterday and today and for those who have prophecy dreams, half of it is also for you.

Learning to master the mundane work of symbols and signs greatly adds to your dream disciplines, rather than getting lost in the enegetic world or escaping into it without understanding the basics or not allowing enough time for its manifestations to appear, because those taje a lot of time in cyclical work.

Our dreams are also effected by the electro-magnetic currents, and since electrical energy is subsiding, even with electrical output at an all time high since the 1870s, we do need our night time as a peaceful event. For those who only focus on events outside the self, ieventually we must all learn to come home to the self and leave the universe out of the scenerio and find our inner home deep within.

I am positive
I am doing the best I can
my desires are healthy

I balance my desire
I have clear judgment
I listen with integrity

I AM RECEPTIVE (if your too giving)
I am giving (if your too receptive)
I accept my weakness with strength
I approve of myself

I accept where I am right now today (denial work)
I AM CLEAR MINDED (Libra is an air sign)
I am empowered

I am beautiful
I am comfortable
I am graceful

At the Full Moon Sept. 24th, remember to set “one” Release Intention to complete the moon cycle  (of something that now longer serves your highest good.)

Happy New Moon! Phoenix

Slavic Autumn harvest

If you would like to work with Phoenix one on one or be on our once a month New & Full Moon Lunar Work-study, please write to – Sources: Wolf Changing Season by Phoenix


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